Hi! My name is Gosia (Call me Gosiek, Whitex, or Norvey XD) , I'm 17 years old and come from Polish. I'm a crazy random girl XD Well I'm a big fan of cartoons. My favourites is Invader Zim, WOY, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time...etc (is too many ;_;) love movie Frozen (OLAF OMG!), Minions, Monster INS (University). I think I just starting like anime Hetalia (so much wow) I do not like school ...rap I love all the nice people! Enough about me :) WELCOME OR SOMETHIG XD
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So disney took this off (Life’s too short outtake with the actual voice actors singing) of youtube today and i originally posted this earlier today before it got taken down and i felt really bad for the people who may have not seen it because it’s quite awesome! i found another one so i downloaded just for you guys! Enjoy! :D