Hi! My name is Gosia (Call me Gosiek, Whitex, or Norvey XD) , I'm 17 years old and come from Polish. I'm a crazy random girl XD Well I'm a big fan of cartoons. My favourites is Invader Zim, WOY, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time...etc (is too many ;_;) love movie Frozen (OLAF OMG!), Minions, Monster INS (University). I think I just starting like anime Hetalia (so much wow) I do not like school ...rap I love all the nice people! Enough about me :) WELCOME OR SOMETHIG XD
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wait so   in the show guide Jhonen made for iz he said zim was basically constantly wanting to prove himself whether or not he was successful right

is that why he always shouts “i am ZIM!!!” all the time

because he’s insecure

because he wants to prove himself to everyone no matter what

is that why


everyone needs to know